Unitel Direct Limited Review is proud to offer more competition and choice in the Telecoms, Broadband, Energy and Website markets compared to our rivals. It was always our intention to offer the best prices we can and service to match our keen pricing. With our customers help and genuine Unitel Direct Limited Feedback, we’ll get there.

Today, Unitel Direct provides services to thousands and thousands of customers across the UK. We accept that sometimes we get things wrong. The purpose of this Unitel Direct Limited Review website is for actual and genuine customers to express their opinion which will help us to improve our company and the services we offer.

We use the terms “genuine” and “actual” as we, (like most companies), are susceptible to “trolls” writing negative Unitel Direct Reviews on forums and blogs that are not controlled and are not often from genuine customers but from rival companies etc. Many reviews which we have witnessed on such sites are proven to be “fake” and in the past we have successfully had these Unitel Direct Reviews removed. We feel that as we grow and mature as a company we will publish reviews from our customers who currently have a product or service from us so we can ensure that the Unitel Direct Reviews are genuine and also this will then give us the opportunity to reply.

Based on the genuine Unitel Direct Limited Feedback we’ve received, we have focussed on three main areas: 1) being there when you need us: 2) making it easier to contact us, and 3) giving customers a contact for the web designer who is handling their design.

Here are some of the things we have done:

Being here when you need us:

  • Upgraded our telephone system
  • Increased our customer service team
  • Extended our opening hours.Monday – Thursday, 8.00am until 18.00pm and Fridays 8.00am until 16.30pm

Making it easier to communicate with us:

  • We now have an online chat facility so that you can talk to a Customer Service advisor online during working hours in case you should have any doubt with reference to any negative Unitel Direct Limited Feedback.
  • A next working day response time to emails that are sent in to our customer services teams.
  • Improving our communications within our teams and holding daily team meetings with support and technical staff and ensuring cases that need our urgent attention are dealt with by management.
  • SMS messaging facility – we are now able to text customer’s important information, such as engineer visits, broadband user names and passwords, fault updates and customers Unitel Direct Limited Review etc.

A point of contact:

  • We now give customers the contact information for the web designer who is handling their service. In the past, all requests for website updates and amendments used to come through our customer services teams. This caused problems for a number of reasons and we now feel that it is best for the person actually doing the job to speak directly with the customer to avoid negative Unitel Direct Limited Review Problems.

After listening to our customers and acting on the Unitel Direct Limited Feedback we get from customers, we are actively making significant changes to our business. This has proven to be a huge success as 1 in 3 customers now have more than 1 product or service with us and we generate a huge amount of referrals every month from our existing customers. However, we still have room for improvement and our aim is to work continuously on improving our company.